Managing Director Desk

Dr. Amit Singh – Managing Director

It gives me immense joy that LMPS is going ahead on the path of development. Within a very short span of time this school has carved a niche of its own while upholding the tradition of excellence of the school. As parents and teachers, when we look at education in a broader perspective, we understand how crucial our role is in shaping the destiny of our children. Here children are trained to strive hard in life to reach the point of excellence they do so by sheer hard work dedication, perseverance and inspiration. Here dedicated teacher’s work hard with students and students to reciprocate by giving them due respect. We have to achieve great objective in life. Success does not come easily. The easy going cannot be expected to do anything. I am grateful to the cordial relationship, co-operation and good will which enable us to give the best to our students. I wish the Principal, the staff and students all the success in their efforts too.