Founder Manager Desk

Avadhesh Singh- Founder Manager

Founder Manager All educational institutions are in fact the real pious temples and mines of precious stones where the world’s great saints, scholars, scientists, national heroes, warriors, leaders and other great personalities who become source of inspiration for mankind in various fields; are born and shaped by the teachers who are Gurus in the real sense. A school is a temple of learning where little ones come with the blessings of parent to learn the maximum and from where they go with the blessings of the teachers to serve the nation and mankind. Education imparted in a school affects ones personality and life style. In the context of education, Lucknow Model Public School is both socially and individually build on a solid foundation of truth and purity. It is not mere literacy but greater importance is attached to spiritual training and character building. Therefore, dear parents, you child is in expert hands at Lucknow Model where aim of education is harmonious and integrated development of personality. The students are empowered with values which help them to face the challenges of life. I am of the view that the staff of Lucknow Model will continue their endeavor to impart value based quality education during the years to come.